Lancefield on the Line

Scott Keyser: Writing to connect

February 28, 2023 David Lancefield Season 4 Episode 4
Lancefield on the Line
Scott Keyser: Writing to connect
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How good is your writing at work? It's rather important. Think about your bids, pitches, presentations, Executive or Board papers, investment cases and, of course, emails. Too often writing is dry, technocratic, and overly complex. It makes it hard for the reader to understand in one go, or at all. It limits your ability to convince them of your thinking, and tarnishes your brand. 

In this podcast, Scott Keyser, the 'Writing Guy', shares his tips and lessons from working with companies over the last 30 years. He shows that it is a learnable skill for everyone If we start with the right mindset.

You'll hear about: 

  • how to write with clarity and conciseness.
  • achieving brevity without being brief. 
  • how to create space for flamboyance.
  • why writing well doesn't mean dumbing down.
  • the importance of preparation and planning. 
  • mistakes to avoid.
  • who and what inspires him. 

About Scott:

Scott Keyser is the "Writing Guy". He is the author of two books 'Winner Takes All: sevenand- a-half principles for winning more bids, tenders, and proposals' and 'rhetorica', which set out his writing system. He works with clients from professional services firms to start-ups to corporates (such as the Economist) to improve the way their write - to engage your market, convince your boss, win over buyers, investors, staff or suppliers. 


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Features of great writing
Dumbing down
Brevity AND style
First steps
Best example
Impact of hybrid
Personal story
Areas for improvement
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