Lancefield on the Line

Richard Bistrong: Moving from corruption to compliance

February 15, 2023 David Lancefield Season 4 Episode 3
Lancefield on the Line
Richard Bistrong: Moving from corruption to compliance
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The news is littered with examples of ethical lapses and corruption. In fact, a Strategy& study showed that it was the biggest reason for CEOs resigning. Yet, compliance is still a word and a practice that is not always considered pivotal to the success of organisations. It’s often perceived as part of the bureaucracy that stops or slows down progress.

Who better to talk to than a man who has transformed himself from somebody who was corrupt and sent to jail to somebody who is now a world authority on the subject. 

This is the podcast for you if you want to:
- Hear his own fascinating story of redemption and transformation. 
- Learn where to start if you feel your organisation or team is close to or over the edge when it comes to ethical practices. 
- Manage risk in an organisation that is more dispersed especially in hybrid working arrangements. 
- Help somebody who you feel has moved to the dark side of the force. 
- Make the difficult issues discussable. Or how to position and sell the role of compliance within an organisation – from policeman or policewoman to an enabler. 

About Richard:

Richard is the CEO of Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC. He is a speaker, author, and consultant to multi-nationals on ethics and compliance. He supports existing initiatives by helping people, teams, & organizations appreciate that no one is ever alone when it comes to ethical decision-making & that we never have to sacrifice integrity to succeed.

His clients include Volkswagen, Novartis, Airbus, Kraft Heinz and Microsoft, among other Fortune 100 multinationals and global trade groups. In person and virtually, Richard has presented to hundreds of diverse global multinationals in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. His talks focus on anti- bribery, ethics and compliance challenges, sharing his front-line experience and perspective on real-world corruption and compliance risk.


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Ethical lapses
Convincing people
The challenges of decentralisation
Signs and signals
Your options
Good to great
Self awareness
Richard’s story
Coping with prison
Managing his personal brand
Second chance
Richard’s impact
Richard’s best practices and habits