Lancefield on the Line

Liz Fosslien: Learning from your emotions

January 31, 2023 David Lancefield Season 4 Episode 2
Lancefield on the Line
Liz Fosslien: Learning from your emotions
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How much do you suppress your emotions at work? 

What if you could be more aware of them, in control of them, and learn from them? 

That’s the topic of my conversation with Liz Fosslein in this episode. She shares her stories, research, and experience of tapping into Big Emotions, captured so brilliantly in her book of the same name, co authored with Mollie West Duffy. 

We talk about how to handle and learn from your anger, burnout, comparison, feelings of uncertainty. 

So if you’re feeling any of these emotions or know somebody who is, this is the episode for you. 

You might know Liz from his stunningly creative illustrations that adorn many a social media post. So I couldn’t resist asking about how she develops them too.

About Liz:

Liz is the co-author and illustrator of the national best-seller Big Feelings and the Wall Street Journal best-seller No Hard Feelings (which have both been translated into 15+ languages) and an expert on effectively embracing emotions at work. As the head of content and communications at Humu, she empowers leaders to develop and manage successful, inclusive teams. 

Liz regularly speaks about how leaders can walk the line between sharing and oversharing, build resilient teams, and create high-performing cultures of belonging. Her work has been featured by Good
Morning America, The Economist
, TED, The New York Times, NPR, Adam Grant, and Mindy Kaling.


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Tuning into Big Emotions
Making the leap
Leadership signals
Getting the balance right
How much to share and show?
Impact of virtual and hybrid working
Handling uncertainty
Dealing with burnout
Channelling anger
Getting grip on comparisons
Her biggest changes
Her impact on the world
Her process for developing illustrations
Her best practices and habits