Lancefield on the Line

Andy Woodfield: Coming out as your best self

December 07, 2022 David Lancefield Season 3 Episode 7
Lancefield on the Line
Andy Woodfield: Coming out as your best self
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What would it take to show and give your absolute best at work? Even having to ask the question suggests there’s something amiss. 

Perhaps it’s because we’ve been told what we’re not good at that we’ve forgotten what we are good at. Or we’ve been wearing a mask for so long that it’s all become part of a performance. 

Andy Woodfield has spent his career trying to figure out the uniqueness and the dreams of the people he works with. That curiosity leads to powerful human connection, and a conversation about what they can do together. The foundation of exceptional teamwork and performance.

Building this culture of inclusion and belonging is not for the faint-hearted. It’s really hard work. Even harder if you have to come out every week as a partner who happens to be gay. 

In this podcast, Andy shares his own story of coming out, figuring out his own uniqueness and his place. He describes his ways of discovering the best in other people, methods that have become movements.

This episode is for anyone who is looking to take their performance to the next level, who may feel like they’re not giving their best at work, or who wants to get the best out of their team.

About Andy:
Andy is the Global International Development Leader at PwC, Global Client Partner for the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office, Partner sponsor for the Alumni Network, the Leadership Exchange, and the Shine network (LGBTQ+), and the Founder of Liliput Gin.

He undertook a two year cycle of experience as the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for PwC UK, transforming the firm's sales, marketing and client experience capabilities to bring the firm’s people closer to their clients. He was also a 2020 Finalist for the MCA Outstanding Achievement Award. 


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Coming out at work
The risks of coming out
The responsibility of being a role model
Choosing where to have an impact
Being your absolute best
Creating a movement
Inspiring genius while under pressure
Knowing what you’re really good at
Actions leaders can take
His impact
Habits and practices to do great work