Lancefield on the Line

Gena Cox: Building Inclusive Organisations

November 09, 2022 David Lancefield Season 3 Episode 6
Lancefield on the Line
Gena Cox: Building Inclusive Organisations
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Inclusion has been one of those terms we might reserve for HR, an initiative, or a special interest group.

Wrong. It’s critical to the success of any organisation, and a moral responsibility.

For too long, traditionally disadvantaged groups – by race, gender, sexuality – have progressed slower and had poorer experiences at work.

Their leaders – from a majority group – have employed avoidance tactics, in some cases standing away and not giving eye contact, sticking to their familiar places and faces.

What does it take to build an inclusive organisation? Dr. Gena Cox shares the highlights of her book 'Leading Inclusion':

★ The critical 3 Cs required of any leader.
★ Why talking about a business case for diversity or inclusion (or both) is offensive.
★ Where biases show up, and what to do about them.
★ Why it doesn’t take special or different leadership of people who are different from the majority.
★ What it takes for Chief Diversity Officer to have a positive impact.

About Gena:

After a decades-long year career advising leaders in some of the largest companies in America and beyond, Dr. Gena Cox concluded that the pace of workplace inclusion change was unacceptably slow. She harnessed her organizational psychology and executive coach insights, her understanding of c-suite dynamics, and her personal workplace experiences to write a book, Leading Inclusion. Her book helps leaders connect unfamiliar dots to drive inclusion from the top of their organizations. Gena asks her clients to remember one simple idea: “Inclusion tops diversity!”


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George Floyd killing
The importance of ‘noticing’
What’s wrong with the business case for diversity
Biases in the workplace
The role and efficacy of CDOs
The same – not special – support
The hard ‘soft’ skills
Her impact
Habits and practices