Lancefield on the Line

Bruce Daisley: Drawing Strength from Others

November 23, 2022 David Lancefield Season 3 Episode 5
Lancefield on the Line
Bruce Daisley: Drawing Strength from Others
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When you’re feeling life is tough, you’re typically told to ride it out, put your head down, get through it. That might help some people, for a while. But it’s missing something. Only when we reach out to others, find a connection, get some support that we truly feel better – using fortitude.

In this podcast Bruce Daisley challenges conventional wisdom by arguing that the power of social connection is the critical aspect of resilience. For example, the biggest predictor of well-being after major heart surgery 3/6/12/24 months afterwards is the number of groups the patient feels part of.

The challenge for leaders is how to we create that connection when we’re working more virtually and maybe only seeing each other in person a couple of days a week. You have to create the time to build the foundations of trust and to sustain relationships.

About Bruce:

Bruce Daisley is a best selling author and technology leader from the UK.  He has become regarded as one the most respected thought leaders on the subject of workplace culture and the future of work. His prior business career saw him spend 12 years running Twitter in Europe and previously YouTube in the UK. 


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The power of control
The power of social connection
Men’s Sheds
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Actions CEOs can take
How it’s changed the way Bruce thinks
Impact on others
Habits and practices to inspire great work